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Fargo Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Marge and Norm are watching TV in bed. They go to sleep and Marge is awakened by a call from an old high school friend, Mike Yanagita.
  • He says he saw her on TV in a report about the triple homicide and got to thinking about her.
  • Marge is a little puzzled but says she's glad to hear from him.
  • At the auto dealership, Jerry's busy showing a car to a customer. He gets called to his office, where he has a phone call from Carl.
  • Carl tells him that he and Gaear ended up murdering three people after the kidnapping. Now, Carl's demanding the full $80,000 ransom from Jerry.
  • Jerry gets another phone call from the guy who still needs those car serial numbers. It will become a legal matter if Jerry doesn't give them to him. Afterwards, Jerry angrily knocks things off his desk.

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