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Fargo Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • At a buffet, Marge and Norm are eating a big lunch. Another cop, Officer Olson, approaches and tells Marge they found some phone numbers the kidnappers apparently called from the motel. One call was to Shep Proudfoot in Minneapolis.
  • Marge is confused for a sec. "It's a name," the officer tells her. Oh.
  • Marge says she'll drive down there.
  • Norm looks slightly taken aback, but he doesn't say anything but, "Yah?"
  • At Jerry Lundegaard's house, he's arguing with Stan and Wade, both of whom want Wade to be able to deliver the ransom money to the kidnappers himself.
  • Jerry's insistent that the kidnappers only want to deal with him, but Wade says he doesn't want Jerry mucking things up. With all due respect.
  • Wade says it's his money and his show.
  • Stan agrees.
  • Marge checks in at the Radisson and phones a Minneapolis detective about Proudfoot.
  • She asks if he knows a good place for lunch.

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