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The Fellowship of the Ring Fandoms

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LotR fans are as populous and the hordes of Mordor (although thankfully less aggressive).

There have been countless LotR card games and board games, not to mention the plethora of LotR video games.

You'll find no shortage of Lego sets and action figures (everyone loves a good Gollum), and cosplayers that look better than the actual cast. People love LotR so much that Jackson even made a prequel trilogy.

But we can't talk about Lord of the Rings fandom without moving past Jackson's movies and into the realm of hardcore Tolkien fans (and Lord of the Rings fans are so hardcore that simply having a little tat doesn't get you into the exclusive club).

We're talking about people that have chronicled the journey of all fellowship members through Middle-earth and have made extensive genealogies, and people who have created enumerable websites dedicated to facts and insight and community. Tolkien fandom actually has its own Wikipedia page. How many fandoms can say that?

Tolkien has even "been accorded formal taxonomic commemoration like no other author," having numerous newly-discovered species named after his creations (like the enormous ancient crocodile, Anthracosuchus balrogus).

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