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The Fellowship of the Ring Arwen (Liv Tyler)

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Arwen (Liv Tyler)

Arwen, Warrior Princess

Arwen may be the daughter of Elrond, but don't be fooled by her youthful appearance: she's quickly approaching 3,000 years old. Fact: actress Liv Tyler spoke with a low voice in order to add a sense of wisdom and experience to her character.

And surely Arwen has seen a bunch of men in her day, but apparently none of them held a candle to Aragorn. Despite Aragorn being mortal, Arwen falls in love with and is willing to give up her immortality to be his blushing bride. Arwen gives Aragorn her Evenstar necklace (which we're pretty sure is just a piece of jewelry with no magical powers) as a symbol of her commitment. While Tolkien's story was devoid of any lovey-dovey subplots, Arwen fulfills the character of the romantic maiden in Jackson's adaptation. If said romantic maiden was also capable of outrunning nine immortal demon princes and summoning aquatic horses.

And hey, what's not to like about an elf willing to risk her hide for a paltry dying hobbit by outriding a flock of Nazgûl and calling down a crushing force of water horses?

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