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The Fellowship of the Ring Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

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Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

Orlando Swoon

Everyone loves the pretty-boy, deadeye sniper named Legolas. He's like what would happen if you combined a Calvin Klein model and a Navy SEAL. Or a ballet dancer and a WWE wrestler. Or a swan and a great white shark. Or maybe just Orlando Bloom and a blonde wig.

But Legolas' character is shrouded in mystery. We know he's an elf… but what else is he? When he makes his appearance at the council, he is quick to point out Aragorn's true identity, meaning he's knowledgeable (unlike Boromir). He's also the first to recognize the moving cloud of Crebain for what it truly is: trouble.

He remains mostly by the wayside in Lothlórien as Aragorn does negotiating, showing that even an elven prince of Mirkwood (his father was Thranduil) doesn't have the same power as Gondor's heir.

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