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The Fellowship of the Ring Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Sam is traveling through a cornfield when he suddenly doesn't see Frodo anymore and freaks out.
  • It's okay: Frodo was right there. Sam is just extra worried because Gandalf told him not to lose Frodo.
  • Then Merry and Pippin come bursting through the corn, on the run from farmer Maggot because they've stolen some of his crops.
  • After tumbling down a hill Frodo senses something bad coming and makes everyone hide.
  • It's a dark rider on the hunt for the ring. He gets off his steed, and is almost on top of them as he smells for the ring's scent.
  • Frodo goes into a weird state: his eyes roll back and he compulsively goes to put on the ring, but Sam stops him.
  • After that close call they tread more carefully. Merry leads them to a nearby ferry, which will take them to Bree.
  • But the rider finds them again and almost chases down Frodo. Luckily he jumps on the ferry at the last minute and the rider comes to a halt before riding away with two of his pals.

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