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The Fellowship of the Ring Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Townspeople run from the orc hordes of Mordor as Sauron begins to take over Middle-earth.
  • A last alliance of men and elves marches on Mordor to stop him. They are almost successful but when Sauron himself joins the fray he cannot be stopped.
  • The king of Gondor, Elendil, is killed by Sauron and his son, Isildur, rushes to his body.
  • Sauron crushes Elendil's sword, breaking it in half, but as he reaches for Isildur, Isildur grabs the broken blade and cuts of his fingers, severing Sauron from his ring.
  • As large shockwaves rip through the battle, Sauron is no more: the free people have won.

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