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The Fellowship of the Ring Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • Aragorn is uncovering an old statue of his mother as Elrond speaks to him.
  • He tells Aragorn that the elves have the power to re-forge Narsil, but only he has the power to wield it.
  • Aragorn doesn't want that power.
  • Then we see Bilbo giving Frodo his old elven sword, Sting. He also gives him Mithril armor but when Frodo goes to put it on Bilbo spots the Ring.
  • When Frodo won't let him hold it, he becomes momentarily possessed, reaching for the Ring as his face contorts into a dark, hollowed version of itself.
  • Then it fades and he apologizes for making Frodo bear this burden.
  • Finally it's time for the company to set out. They're on their way to Mordor.

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