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The Fellowship of the Ring Scene 32

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Scene 32

Scene 32

  • They boat down the river, past two giant statues of ancient kings of men.
  • They rest on the bank but Legolas is worried— he senses darkness, which we know is the horde of Uruk-hai tracking them.
  • Frodo wanders off, seeking solitude, but is followed by Boromir.
  • Boromir first tries to convince Frodo to take the Ring to Gondor to use against the enemy but Frodo will have none of it.
  • Then Boromir becomes possessed with his desire for the ring, and he tries to take it from Frodo… who puts on the Ring in self-defense.
  • Boromir comes out of his state, and he is almost in tears over what he's almost done.
  • Frodo, in the realm of the Ring, is taken once again to the Eye of Sauron until he frantically pulls it off.
  • Aragorn has found him and Frodo tells him about Boromir. But when Aragorn asks where the Ring is Frodo grows defensive.
  • He asks if Aragorn could destroy it and Aragorn reaches for the Ring but closes Frodo's hand around it, saying he would have gone to the end with him.
  • Frodo tells Aragorn to look after everyone, especially Sam.
  • But just then Sting begins glowing blue. The Uruk-hai have arrived and Frodo runs as Aragorn turns to face them and buy him time.
  • Gimli and Legolas join Aragorn as Merry and Pippin, realizing Frodo's intention to leave, distract the orcs.
  • When their distracting catches up to them, Boromir comes to their rescue. But after fending off so many orcs he takes an arrow to the chest from the Uruk-hai leader, whose official name is Lurtz. Then another… and then another.
  • The Uruk-hai leader poses to make a killing blow but Aragorn tackles him like a star linebacker, squaring off with the mightiest Uruk.
  • They fight and eventually Aragorn makes the Uruk leader a full head shorter.
  • Boromir dies in Aragorn's arms but not before apologizing for trying to take the ring and telling Aragorn he would have followed him as the king of Gondor.
  • Mary and Pippin are captured by the orcs, who start heading back to Saruman with their prize.

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