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The Fellowship of the Ring Betrayal

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With a title like The Fellowship of the Ring, betrayal might be the last thing you expect. And while there is more than enough friendship and camaraderie to go around, there's also plenty of deception and betrayal.

The Ring causes men like Boromir and Isildur to betray the good of the free world out of greed. And, just like it finds its way onto Frodo, the Ring escapes the grasps of Gollum and of Isildur. With everyone from the wisest of wizards to inanimate objects betraying people, we don't know who to trust… other than Sam, of course.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. What makes hobbits such surprisingly loyal people? What can we garner from their lifestyle and worldviews that might give them an edge when it comes to resisting betrayal?
  2. In the books, Saruman isn't really serving Sauron—he's planning to betray him. Does this make him seem like more or less of a bad guy?
  3. In this film, whose betrayal is the most unforgivable?

Chew on This

The Ring and its evil master are behind all the betrayals in this film. These men aren't stabbing their friends in the back out of greed; their wills have been manipulated by the power of the Ring.

All corruption and betrayal is only increased by the Ring, which seeks out the flaws in all who touch it. Every selfish act of betrayal shows what truly lies in the hearts of those whose repressed desires get the better of them.

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