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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

Let's Play Two!

  • Rooney rolls up in front of a neighborhood pizza joint in his junky car. He puts on his flip-up shades like a boss then heads inside. Mmm… pizza.
  • He spots a person with short, dark hair at a Karate Champ arcade cabinet and thinks to himself, "Bueller!" Rooney strolls up right behind the person and says the game is up. He's clearly satisfied with himself. But when the person turns around, not only is it not Ferris, it's a woman. Oops.
  • Rooney's smile fades, she takes a big sip of her soda, he braces for impact, and she spits it right in his face before turning back to Karate Champ.
  • Rooney heads to the counter to get some napkins. The Cubs game is on the TV in the kitchen. While Rooney wipes off his soda-soaked face, he misses a shot of Ferris catching a foul ball and dancing in celebration.
  • Cut to Wrigley Field. Ferris and Cameron heckle the batter. Outside, the stadium's famous marquee is lit up with "SAVE FERRIS."
  • Back in the stands, Ferris realizes they should be in gym right now, and he and Cameron both laugh it up.
  • Cut to gym class at the high school. Guys are jogging while a coach helpfully rides along on a cart. Jeanie pulls up in her car on the street beside the athletic fields. Apparently, she's given up the façade of actually attending classes altogether. "I hate him," she says before driving on. Now, we suppose she could mean the lazy gym teacher, but we're thinking she probably means her brother.

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