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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

Shauna Saves the Day (Off)

  • Mrs. Bueller's at the police station to pick up Jeanie, but first she's making a pit stop to apologize to the detective handling her daughter's case. Apparently, they think Jeanie was making all of that "intruder" stuff up. The detective tells Mrs. Bueller that he hopes her son is feeling better, too, and everybody on the force is pulling for him.
  • In the waiting area, Jeanie's totally making out with the junkie. Maybe this isn't the worst first date ever after all. Her mom tells her it's time to jet—now.
  • The boy in the police station asks Jeanie what her name is, and she says it's Shauna. He replies, "Okay, Jean."
  • In somebody's backyard (seriously; it's unclear to whom it belongs), Ferris and Sloane say goodbye. Sloane asks Ferris if he thinks Cameron's going to be okay, and Ferris says he thinks he will—for the first time in his life.
  • They smooch it up, and when Ferris realizes it's 5:55PM, he says he has to scoot. He kisses her again and runs off. Sloane looks after him and says dreamily, "He's gonna marry me."
  • Cut to Jeanie and Mom driving home. Jeanie's behind the wheel while Mom goes over some work papers. Mom's in a snit. Just then, Ferris run out into the street, and Jeanie almost hits him. It sends Mom's papers flying, so she doesn't see her son, but Jeanie sure does. And after brother and sister exchange menacing glances through the windshield, Ferris takes off running again, and Jeanie guns it, once again sending Mom's papers flying everywhere. This new Shauna chick is a real handful, you guys.
  • Ferris cuts through a series of backyards. He passes people eating at a picnic table, swipes the beer out of the hand of a guy attending to his grill, and runs past two girls sunbathing, only to double back and introduce himself.
  • A couple of questions, Shmooper: Who sunbathes at 6:00PM? In the spring? With their back to the sun? And what about Sloane, that pretty girl who you made lie about her grandma dying, Ferris?
  • Back in the car, Mom yells at Jeanie, Jeanie screams at Mom to stop yelling, and then they pull out in front of a police car.
  • Oh, look: Mr. Bueller's on his way home, too. Searching his glove compartment for a Tic Tac, he completely misses his wife and daughter whizzing by in a high-speed police chase.
  • Ferris keeps booking it toward home, while Mr. Bueller gets cut off by a little old lady slowly swerving about the road. Finally he passes her, and he comes up behind Ferris, who's running down the middle of the street for some reason. They never look at each other face to face, and once Ferris realizes it's his dad, he wisely peels off and cuts through someone's house. Not their yard, their house: front door to back door. Then, for his final move, he bounces off his neighbor's trampoline, lands in his own backyard, and scurries up to the back door. It's locked. Ferris panics.
  • Meanwhile, Mom and Dad meet in the driveway. Mom tells Dad how steamed she is at Jeanie; Dad helpfully suggests that they shoot her. Go team.
  • Ferris checks under the doormat for a key. Nope. A filthy, chewed-up shoe enters the frame. It's Rooney, and he has the key—he tells Ferris he's got him.
  • Mom and Dad go inside to check on Ferris. Meanwhile, Jeanie eavesdrops on Rooney and Ferris from the kitchen.
  • Rooney reads Ferris the riot act, asking him how he'd like another year of high school, when Jeanie opens the door. She feigns concern over where Ferris has been. Ferris is stunned. She winks at him, and then thanks Rooney for driving Ferris home. Ferris look at his sister as if to say, "I can't believe how cool you're being. It's like your name is Shauna or something." Then he looks at the camera as if to say, "Well, isn't that something!" Then he grunts weakly and heads into the house.
  • Jeanie tells Rooney that he left his wallet on the kitchen floor, then chucks it out into the yard. Rooney hears a familiar dog growl, and as the scene changes, we hear his screams.
  • Mom and Dad stroll down the hallway to Ferris's room. The house is littered with flowers and balloons.
  • Ferris whips off his jacket and shoes, shoves the mannequin out of his bed, and jumps in. He pretends to sleep, then realizes the snoring sounds are still playing. Just before Mom and Dad enter, he pulls the foul ball from the Cubs game out of his pocket, tosses it at the stereo, and turns it off. Not only does he have extremely large pants pockets, but he also has excellent aim.
  • Ferris's parents ask how he's feeling and comment that he's still warm. He says he feels better, and he doesn't want to miss any more school because he wants to graduate in June, and Mom asks how he got so sweet. Then she and Dad leave, promising to return with soup.
  • Ferris turns to the camera and repeats his motto from earlier in the film: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
  • The frame freezes on a grinning, relaxed Ferris, his hands behind his head.
  • The End.

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