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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

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  • As the end credits roll, we catch up with Rooney dejectedly walking home. He looks terrible. A school bus pulls up, and the driver asks him if he wants a lift. Rooney takes it, even though he clearly doesn't want to, and the students look at him like an alien. It's probably safe to assume this bus services his high school.
  • The only open seat is next to a nerdy girl with extremely thick glasses. She bets he's never smelled a real school bus before and offers him a warm, soft gummy bear from her pocket. Gross.
  • Rooney spies graffiti that reads, "Rooney eats it."
  • A nervous boy across the aisle has a binder with "Save Ferris" scribbled on it.
  • Rooney breaks the fourth wall this time, looking at the camera completely stone faced.
  • The End. Again.
  • No, it isn't (again): After the credits are done, we see a hallway in the Bueller abode. Ferris looks around the corner. He's in his bathrobe and is surprised to see the camera. He shuffles closer to it, and addresses the audience one last time, telling them, "It's over. Go home. Go." Then he shuffles back from whence he came.
  • And that, Shmooper, really is the end.

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