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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

When Cameron Was in Egypt's Land…

  • We cut to the exterior of Cameron's house. As in Cameron Frye. The joint is super-swanky; it's basically a giant glass tree house.
  • Cameron's in bed surrounded by medicine and used Kleenexes when Ferris calls.
  • We cut to Ferris in his swim trunks, sunbathing in a patio chair and sipping iced tea. He informs Cameron that he's taking a day off, and tells him that he needs to get dressed and come over, pronto.
  • They argue over whether or not Cameron's really sick. Ferris says it's all in Cameron's head. Cameron says it isn't. Ferris tells Cameron to come over and pick him up, and then he hangs up on him.
  • We're not sure about you, Shmooper, but it's been our experience that hanging up on somebody isn't the best way to get them to come pick up you up, or entice them to do any favor for that matter.
  • Cameron hangs up and whispers to himself that he's dying.
  • The phone rings again, and Cameron answers—Ferris immediately tells him that he's not dying; he just can't think of anything good to do.
  • We cut back to sunbathing Ferris and he addresses the audience directly to tell us that, "if anybody needs a day off, it's Cameron." Dude's wound up really tight.
  • Meanwhile, Cameron's in bed singing his own version of "Go Down Moses."

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