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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

What Would Gordie Howe Do?

  • We're back in Ferris's room. He's changed clothes once again and is drawing a naked woman using a primitive computer program. He's also on the phone with Cameron, once again trying to convince his stubborn BFF to come over. Cameron's having none of it and tries using his high blood pressure as an excuse. Ferris tells him to man up.
  • Ferris gets another call and puts Cameron on hold. Before answering the other line, Ferris adopts a sickly voice, and it's a good thing he does because—surprise—it's his dad, Tom, on the other end, calling from his office in a downtown Chicago skyscraper. Okay, so that's not that big of a surprise given that Tom said he'd check on him.
  • Ferris switches back to Cameron and tells him: (1) it's his dad; and (2) if Cameron's not over at his place in fifteen minutes, he "can find a new best friend." Cameron counters with the fact that Ferris has been saying that since they were in fifth grade.
  • Ferris switches back to his dad and tells him he's too lightheaded to talk. Then he turns to the camera and explains his disappointment in Cameron being a poop. He's willing to bet that Cameron's sitting in his car trying to decide whether or not to go out.
  • And that's exactly what Cameron's doing: sitting in the car and being indecisive. He decides to go and starts the car only to turn it off and beat the passenger seat. Then he starts the car again, revs the engine, honks the horn, and screams. Then he turns off the engine once more and heads back toward the house. We cut to the empty driver's seat and see Cameron approaching the car again in the background. Then he stops behind the car and has a fit, jumping up and down like a cartoon character, before heading back toward the Frye manse again. Maybe Ferris was right about our boy Cam being wound just a wee bit tight.
  • Also, if this is Chicago, why is Cameron sporting a Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings jersey? That's just asking for trouble, if you ask us.

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