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Fight Club Mortality

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NARRATOR: This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

This is our narrator's (and Fight Club's) way of reminding us to go out and do something with our lives because we only have a limited amount of time.

NARRATOR: Every evening I died, and every evening I was born again. Resurrected.

Our narrator isn't talking about a literal death here, but a figurative one through sleep. Of course, once we learn that our narrator and Tyler are the same person, we can see this as meaning that Tyler "kills" our narrator each night, and he is reborn a new person. The Tyler side of his personality is actually trying to kill off this other side.

CHLOE: I no longer have any fear of death.

That's Chloe talking in support group. She achieved this lack of fear through going to these support groups, but our narrator needs a different kind of group to achieve the same catharsis: fight club.

NARRATOR: You're a faker. You're not dying. […] You're not dying the way Chloe back there is dying.

Are there different ways of "dying"? Are some people, like Chloe the cancer patient, dying in a different way than someone else? Does that make her better, or her experiences more valid?

NARRATOR: When people think you're dying then they really really listen to you instead of just…
MARLA: Instead of just waiting for their turn to speak?

Marla proves this later when she calls up the narrator and tells him about her suicide attempt. Even though it's the Tyler side of his personality that goes to her, he still actually listens to her for the first time.

NARRATOR: On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

We can all only hope to survive for a definite period of time. As far as we know, no one lives forever. Except maybe Nic Cage

MARLA: I've got a stomach full of Xanax. […] This isn't a for-real suicide thing. This is probably one of those cry-for-help things. […] Do you wanna wait and hear me describe death?

Here's Marla's suicide attempt (and it kinda is a cry-for-help thing) and our narrator listens.

NARRATOR: On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Thanks for the reminder. Fight Club likes to repeat to us often how we're all going to die. (See what we did there? This line is repeated.)

TYLER: We just had a near-life experience.

Tyler believes that one can only live by coming as close to death as possible. This is why he threatens both Raymond K. Hessel's life and his own.

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