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Fight Club Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The camera swoops through the inside of a human body, which is composed of nerves, blood cells, organs, and the opening credits to Fight Club, before emerging through a pore in the skin of our main character (Edward Norton) who is sweating because he has a gun in his mouth.
  • Yeah, that'll make a person sweat.
  • The gun is being held there by another man (Brad Pitt) who asks if our main character has any last words.
  • He can't think of anything, but in voice-over, he lets us know that half the city is about to go kaboom because a group known as Project Mayhem rigged a dozen buildings with explosives.
  • They're set to go off in a few minutes.
  • Our main character says all of this has to do with Marla Singer. #notallMarlas

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