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Fight Club Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • The phone rings at the Paper Street house.
  • Jack answers it. It's Marla. Remember her?
  • She says she cheated, and she knows he hasn't been going to his support groups.
  • Then she tells him she just took a bottle of Xanax. "This is probably one of those cry-for-help things."
  • He leaves the phone off the hook and walks away, letting her talk to herself.
  • From there, we cut to a montage of Marla and a man having sex.
  • Jack wakes up, and sees that Tyler's door is closed, something that's never happened before.
  • And there are a few condoms in the toilet.
  • While Jack is eating breakfast, Marla comes into the kitchen.
  • Jack asks her what she's doing in his house.
  • "F*** you," she says, throws her cup in the sink, and storms out.
  • Tyler comes into the kitchen in a pink bathrobe and tells Jack that he picked up the phone after he set it down.
  • We flashback to that moment, and we see Tyler go to Marla's apartment and take her to his house.
  • That night, she tells Tyler, "You're gonna have to keep me up all night."
  • Back to the kitchen, Tyler in his pink bathrobe tells Jack not to talk about Tyler to Marla, which is weird since he's been sleeping with her all night, but whatever.
  • Jack wishes he'd just watched Marla die.
  • Over the next few nights, Tyler and Marla have sex that echoes through the whole house and makes the electricity flicker on and off. Jack tries to ignore it.

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