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Fight Club Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • At the next fight club, Tyler gives a speech about how all these men are squandering their potential in their dead-end jobs.
  • He talks about great wars and great depression, but we're distracted by the pretty blond guy with the Angel Face (Jared Leto) in the background.
  • Tyler is interrupted when Lou, the Lou of Lou's Tavern, comes downstairs and wonders who gave them the right to use his place.
  • Tyler tells Lou to join his club, and Lou hits him. Does that mean yes or no?
  • Tyler starts laughing as Lou continues to punch and kick him. His laughing becomes more and more hysterical, which angers Lou more.
  • When Lou walks away, Tyler jumps up and tackles him. He doesn't hurt him, but he spits blood all over his face.
  • That's all the convincing Lou needs to let Tyler and the gang keep using his basement.
  • Lou leaves, and Tyler gives the guys a homework assignment: "You're gonna start a fight with a total stranger. […] And you're gonna lose." This makes trigonometry homework seem easy.

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