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Fight Club Scene 33

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Scene 33

Scene 33

  • It's morning in the Paper Street kitchen.
  • Marla comes downstairs and says she'll leave soon, but Jack says she can stay if she wants.
  • He asks if she's still going to groups, and she yes. And she reveals that Chloe's dead.
  • Tyler starts banging around in the basement as Marla and Jack talk about Marla's relationship with Tyler.
  • Jack opens the basement door, and Tyler reminds him not to talk to Marla about him.
  • Like most conversations between these two, it doesn't go well and ends with Marla storming out of the house.
  • Jack descends into the basement and sees that Tyler has built a barracks of bunk beds down there.
  • He follows Tyler outside, where a young man (Ricky from Jack's old office) is standing on the porch.
  • Tyler reveals these men are going through a hazing ritual. They have to stand on the porch and endure humiliation for three days, without food, before being admitted.

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