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Fight Club Scene 37

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Scene 37

Scene 37

  • At some sort of fundraising dinner for "End Crime in Our Timeā€”Take Back Our City," all the waiters are men in Project Mayhem.
  • When one of the officials goes to the bathroom, they follow him.
  • They drag him into the bathroom and pull his pants off.
  • Tyler tells him to call off the investigation of the "underground group" (i.e. Project Mayhem) or they'll castrate him. Um. Ouch.
  • Wisely, he agrees.
  • The men run back onto the street and remove their bad wigs (they'd all shaved their heads, remember?) and Tyler ruffles Angel Face's pretty blond hair. How was he exempt from shaving it?
  • Our MC says, "I am Jack's inflamed sense of rejection." Somebody's jealous!

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