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Fight Club Scene 39

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Scene 39

Scene 39

  • They leave the bar in the rain and get into a car with some of the space monkeys. Tyler's in the driver's seat and two other guys are in the back.
  • Jack wants to know why he wasn't told about Project Mayhem.
  • They get into a little bromance spat, and Tyler starts to pull the car into oncoming traffic.
  • He asks the guys in the back what they wish they'd done before they died.
  • They narrowly miss other cars, and Tyler lets go of the wheel. Jack grabs it.
  • Tyler tells Jack that he blew up his condo. Gasp!
  • He tells him "stop trying to control everything and just let go." So Jack lets go of the wheel too.
  • The car crashes into a car parked on the side of the road and careens down a ravine.
  • Tyler pulls Jack out of the crashed car (seemingly from the driver's side) and says, "We just had a near-life experience!"

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