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Fight Club Scene 50

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Scene 50

Scene 50

  • The elevator dings and a couple of men from Project Mayhem show up and see Tyler with his bleeding head wound.
  • Tyler swears he's fine.
  • Then Marla is carried up the stairs by more men, and Tyler orders them to let him go.
  • Marla is initially mad at him, screaming at him, but then she sees his nasty wound and turns sympathetic toward him.
  • He confesses that he did it himself as she uses a Kleenex to plug the wound.
  • As the final music by the Pixies begins to play, he tells Marla "Everything's gonna be fine," and around them buildings explode and fall.
  • Tyler takes Marla's hand and tells her, "You met me at a very strange time in my life."
  • They watch the buildings collapse, holding hands.
  • And, because this is fight club, there's a quick shot of a penis before we go to credits. Thanks for splicing that in, Tyler!
  • The end.

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