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Fight Club Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • At the blood parasites group, a woman named Chloe stands up in front of the group to say a few words.
  • She doesn't have much time left. She "no longer [has] any fear of death." But she's lonely, and she wants to get it on with someone. Anyone.
  • After Chloe's plea, it's time for guided meditation again.
  • This time, our narrator's spirit animal has changed: it's Marla. She smokes her cigarette and says, "Slide."
  • Our MC, whose name tag says "Rupert," pulls Marla aside in the lobby and tells her he knows she's a faker.
  • He threatens to expose her, and she says she'll expose him.
  • At a stalemate, she takes "Rupert" in her arms and pretends to cry.

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