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Finding Nemo Genre

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Computer-Generated Animation; Adventure; Family

Basically, film genre is a way to categorize movies that have similar styles, themes, ideas, or moods. And while some folks would say that animation is a genre, this makes animators really mad.

And believe us when we say that animators are a bit like Bruce Banner. They seem like mild-mannered dweebs, but they're actually superhuman. You wouldn't like them when they're angry.

For them, animation is more of a medium or technique for telling a story, just like live-action filming. In fact, sometimes a simple cartoon can be a whole lot more powerful than real actors on the screen. (Just compare Beauty and the Beast to Plan 9 from Outer Space and you'll see what we mean.)

That's why Finding Nemo also fits in well with other non-animated movies as an adventure film. After all, Marlin and Nemo do go on a pretty epic adventure to get back to each other. They explore new worlds and experience daring escapes and rescues. It's one big long heroic journey.

And just because it's animated doesn't mean it's any less heart-pounding than live-action adventures like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. We'll see your Captain Jack Sparrow and raise you one little fish called Nemo.

Of course, since Finding Nemo is also fun for all ages, we've also got to classify it as a family movie too. Not only does the film deal with all kinds of important family issues (like how parents are a drag and kids never listen), it's also a movie that young and old can both enjoy. Feel free to break out the ocean epic at your next family reunion.

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