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Finding Nemo What's Up With the Ending?

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What's Up With the Ending?

Could this movie wind up any happier? Unless the other fish elected Marlin mayor of the reef, we don't think so. Here's the end of the very last scene just to refresh your memory:

NEMO: Love you, dad.

MARLIN: I love you too, son.

NEMO: Uh, dad, you can let go now.

MARLIN: Sorry! Now go have an adventure!


NEMO: See you after school, Dory! Bye, dad!

MARLIN: Bye, son.

Oh, man, so many changes, so little time. Father and son are back home again, but this time Marlin's excited for all the adventures his son is about to experience. This is one fish who's turned over a new fin.

And Nemo has a new appreciation for his dad. He's not desperate to get out of the anemone—in fact, he actually goes back to hug Marlin before heading off with his schoolmates. How much more aww-inspiring can you get?

Both father and son have learned something and their relationship is stronger and better than before. Plus, Dory's hanging around, so you know the future's going to be hilarious.

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