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Finding Nemo Fandoms

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Unless you've been living in a secure underground bunker with no access to the outside world (and, in which case, how are you reading this?), you've definitely heard of Pixar.

These guys have made some of the top grossing, most critically acclaimed movies of the last twenty years. Finding Nemo was their fifth film and it continued the streak of greatness that lasts to this day. Just check out their Rotten Tomatoes stats. These guys don't mess around.

So, it's no surprise that a massive Pixar fandom is alive and well. You'll find fans hunting down Easter eggs, and even coming up with a theory for how the entire Pixar universe actually exists on one timeline.

There are also websites like Pixar Planet and Pixar Times hopelessly devoted to all things animated and Pixar-tastic.

It's pretty impressive.

Finding Nemo has its own set of superfans, too. Kids loved the movie so much that they asked for clownfish in their tanks. Or tried to free their existing fish with very tragic results. You can watch Darren Criss sing to Ellen DeGeneres about getting a Dory-centric story years before the next chapter in our ocean adventure was announced.

And, if you're in doubt about your Nemo love, just take this quiz and find out exactly how deep your passion for this little clownfish runs.

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