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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Summary

This fish tale begins with a pretty sad story. Two clownfish—Marlin and Coral—have found a beautiful sea anemone home in the Great Barrier Reef to wait for the birth of their 400 little fish eggs. These are two proud parents-to-be.

And then everything turns into a sob-fest. (Classic Pixar.)

Coral and all but one egg are killed in a barracuda attack, leaving Marlin to care for the last remaining baby fish (whose egg was scarred by that mean ol' barracuda) all on his own. Marlin decides to call his son Nemo because Coral really liked that name. Guess she was a big Jules Verne fan.

Flash forward to Nemo's first day of school. (Apparently, fish swim in schools and go to school.) Marlin's super overprotective of his son because Nemo's got one fin that's slightly smaller than the other…and because he can't forget about how dangerous the ocean is.

So things go pretty badly when the teacher takes the kids to the Drop Off at the edge of the reef. Marlin yells at Nemo for venturing out into open water and, as the little fish makes his way back, he's captured by a team of scuba divers. A fish-napping.

Marlin springs into action and races after his son. He ends up meeting a forgetful fish named Dory who's able to read the address on one of the scuba diver's masks—P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. That's the key to finding Nemo.

Marlin and Dory are a bit of an odd couple, but together they manage to survive a whole bunch of crazy and daring adventures—shark attacks, a big bad anglerfish, a swarm of jellyfish, and the swirling vortex of terror that is the East Australian Current.


Things go even worse for them when the two fish meet a whale that swallows them whole. But, don't worry—this story is more like Pinocchio than you might think. While in the belly of the beast, Marlin learns to trust Dory and let go of his fears and, low and behold, the great whale shoots them out of his blowhole…right into Sydney Harbour.

Gee thanks, big guy.

While all this is going on with Marlin, Nemo finds out that his scuba captor has taken him to live in a fish tank in his dental office. There, Nemo meets the other fish that live in the tank, including one guy named Gill who also came straight from the ocean.

Gill sees Nemo as his ticket back to the big blue. Plus he doesn't want the kid to go home with the dentist's niece—a fish-killing little girl named Darla. It's a real underwater ticking clock.

Gill convinces Nemo to take part in his escape plan: clog the filter so the tank gets dirty, and then escape when the dentist takes them out to clean up. Nemo tries to clog the tank filter, but nearly gets chopped in sushi into the process. Abort mission.

Later, when Nemo hears from a pelican named Nigel that Marlin's been crossing the ocean trying to find him, he tries the plan again. This time it's a success and the tank gets super-slimy. Now all the dentist has to do is take the fish out to clean the tank and they can roll out into the harbor and escape back to the ocean.

But, on the morning Darla arrives to claim her victim—er—present, the fish wake up to find that the tank is clean again. Oh, no! Nemo plays dead in the hopes that the dentist will flush him down the toilet and back into the ocean. Of course, he also plays dead just as Marlin and Dory arrive in the window of the dentist office (thanks to a little air lift from Nigel).

Marlin sees his son lying there "lifeless" and thinks that he's too late. Whoops.

Back in Sydney Harbour, Marlin leaves Dory to head home. But, little does he know that Nemo's managed to get himself flushed down a drain and has popped up back in the harbor, too. Father and son are finally reunited, but not before Dory gets trapped in a fisherman's net. (Things are never that simple, are they?) Nemo has a plan to help her escape, but it's dangerous. Marlin agrees to let his son try and finally learns that you can't stop your kids from doing crazy things forever.

After a few minutes of suspense, Dory's saved and the three fish head back the reef where they live out their days. Marlin's way more chill and not nearly as freaked out about his kid getting killed. Nemo learns a whole bunch of stuff in school and appreciates his dad a whole lot more. Dory's still Dory…but we love her, so it's all good.

All in all, it's one crazy fish story with one ridiculously happy ending.

  • Scene 1

    Scene 1

    • Two clownfish—Marlin and his wife Coral—are checking out their new sea anemone home in the Great Barrier Reef of the coast of Australia.
    • Marlin's pretty proud of himself. He delivered big time with this major ocean view. Great home. Great neighborhood. Awesome schools for all Coral and Marlin's fish kids.
    • Marlin and Coral swim down in a little crevice below the anemone to visit their little red fish eggs. In a few days they'll be hatched and these two crazy lovebirds (lovefish?) will be parents.
    • Coral and Marlin are joking around when they pop out of the anemone to see a mean barracuda staring them right in their fish faces.
    • Coral eyes the fish eggs located beneath them, while Marlin tries to talk her into retreating into the safety of the anemone. But, mama fish Coral dives down to save her eggs and the barracuda flies after her. Marlin swims at the huge fish, but gets slammed back down and lands unconscious in the sea anemone.
    • When Marlin comes to, Coral and their 400 eggs are gone. Oh, no. Get your tissues. This is almost worse than the time Bambi's mom died.
    • But, one little egg is left. Marlin names his future son, Nemo, and promises that he'll never let anything happen to him. Protective fish dad is in full effect.
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2

    • Six years later, little Nemo wakes up his dad on the first day of school.
    • Marlin's a tad panicked. Maybe Nemo wants to hold off on going to school for a few more years? Why rush into things?
    • Overprotective dad knows there are all kinds of things to be worried about. The ocean isn't safe. You've got be careful when you leave the house…and swim across the street…and play with other fish. The danger never ends.
    • On the way to school, Nemo wonders if Marlin's ever met a shark or knows how old sea turtles are? But, this risk-averse papa has barely ventured out of his anemone since Coral died.
    • At the school drop-off Marlin runs into three other fish dads and their kids. He's a little worried, but is doing okay. Nemo manages to make some nice fish friends, too. This school thing is just going swimmingly.
    • Then the kids' teacher, Mr. Ray, shows up and Nemo swims up on his back to get ready for a field trip.
    • Marlin's still is a little leery. Nemo does have one fin that's smaller than the other. He's not that great of a swimmer. Maybe Mr. Ray could watch out for him?
    • Um, Dad, now would be an awesome time to leave, Nemo tells his father.
    • Okay, so Nemo and the other kids head off on their field trip. Marlin's doing pretty well. The other fish dads are even impressed. Heck, you'd think he'd be worried that Mr. Ray was taking the kids to the Drop Off today.
    • The Drop Off? What? That's super dangerous! Marlin swims after Nemo to make sure that he'll be safe after all. Hey, you can never be too careful in the great big wide ocean.
  • Scene 3

    Scene 3

    • Nemo's loving this whole school thing. Mr. Ray takes them on a swim through the reef and Nemo can't believe all the amazing things he's seeing.
    • At the Drop Off, Mr. Ray tells the kids to explore but to stay close by.
    • Yeah right. Nemo's three new friends head off to check out the Drop Off.
    • Nemo could stay behind and listen to Mr. Ray talk about bacteria and ecosystems, or he could live a little. Guess which one this little fish chooses?
  • Scene 4

    Scene 4

    • Nemo follows the other three fish in the school to the Drop Off, which is basically just the edge of the reef where it goes into open ocean.
    • In the distance, the four little fish see a boat, which one of them insists is called a "butt." So, naturally, they try to swim out and touch the butt.
    • Nemo doesn't really want to go out, but before he can even decide for sure, Marlin swims up and "rescues" him.
    • Nemo is pretty ticked. He can swim fine. And he's not scared of the ocean. Marlin is the worst dad ever. "I hate you," Nemo tells his dad. Harsh, kid, harsh.
    • Mr. Ray comes over to help, but while Marlin talks, Nemo decides to head out towards the boat. Oh, no.
  • Scene 5

    Scene 5

    • Marlin yells for Nemo to come back in from the ocean. And he does, but not before he touches "the butt." Oh, man. This kid is in big trouble.
    • Before Nemo can make it back to the reef, a diver comes up and grabs him in a bag. Another diver takes a picture of Marlin, which blinds him for a moment.
    • Marlin tries to swim after his son, but it's hopeless. The divers take Nemo up on the boat and speed away. Marlin swims as fast as he can, but he just can't keep up. He can't save his son.
    • Okay, now we're breaking out the tissues for a second time.
  • Scene 6

    Scene 6

    • Marlin dives down into the ocean where other fish are swimming and desperately asks for help finding his son.
    • And he runs straight into a blue tang fish. Her name is Dory and she tells Marlin that she's seen a boat. All he needs to do is follow her.
    • The two fish swim out to sea, but after a minute, Dory gets nervous and tries to run away from Marlin.
    • Marlin is shocked when Dory tells him to stop following him. Huh? Dory just said to follow him to that boat.
    • A boat? Well, Dory just saw one of those. It went this-a-way. Marlin just needs to follow her to find it.
    • Wait just a second. Marlin is pretty annoyed because Dory just told him all this.
    • Oh, poor, Dory. She suffers from short-term memory loss. It runs in her family. At least she thinks it does. She just can't seem to remember stuff.
    • Dory is wasting Marlin's time, so he starts to swim away… when he runs right into a huge shark. Yikes.
  • Scene 7

    Scene 7

    • The shark, whose name is Bruce, greets Marlin and Dory. Marlin's pretty freaked out, but Dory seems to think the shark is cool. Mostly because she can't remember whether or not she should be afraid of sharks.
    • Bruce invites them to a little party back at his place. Marlin isn't so keen on the idea, but when a great white shark invites you to go somewhere, you go.
    • The three fish swim through an underwater mine field, which Dory thinks might be party balloons. Not quite. You don't want to touch one of those bad boys.
    • They arrive at an old sunken submarine where there are two other sharks waiting. They tell Bruce they're starving and Marlin's sure this is the end. Gulp.
    • But, then Marlin realizes they've stumbled onto a 12-step meeting for sharks who don't want to eat fish. Their motto is "Fish are friends, not food." These are probably the best sharks to run into in the open water.
    • Today, the sharks have brought their fish friends to the meeting. Of course, one of the sharks hasn't managed to totally abstain. Oh, well. Better luck next time, friend.
    • When it's Marlin's turn to testify at the meeting, he notices a scuba diving mask caught on the submarine. This is just like the one the divers were wearing and it's obvious that it fell off the back of the boat.
    • Marlin notices something is written on the mask's headstrap. Now he just needs to find a fish that can read. Dory wants to ask the sharks, but Marlin doesn't. They wrestle over the mask until it snaps back and hits Dory right between her eyes. Ouch!
    • This is not so great, since Dory starts to bleed. And you know how sharks feel about blood.
    • Bruce rushes after Marlin and Dory who swim away with the mask. When they get trapped in a room, Dory notices a sign that says, "Escape." Wait, Dory can read?
    • Marlin tells Dory to read the writing on the mask as they keep frantically swimming away from Bruce. This shark has totally fallen off the wagon.
    • Finally, Marlin and Dory get trapped in one of the sub's missile chambers and Dory releases the missile into Bruce's mouth. The two fish are able to escape with the mask as Bruce tosses the missile to the side… right into the minefield.
    • Ka-boom.
  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    • But what's Nemo been doing this whole time?
    • The little fish wakes up to find that he's been plopped into a large fish tank in a dentist's office. The dentist tells his patient that he found Nemo struggling out in the reef and saved him. Yeah, right.
    • One by one, Nemo runs into the other fish in the tank. These guys are all from fish stores, but Nemo explains that he's from the ocean. Oh, exotic.
    • It's obvious that the fish in the tank have a lot of hobbies—such as watching the dentist do his work.
    • They're also friends with a pelican named Nigel who pokes his head into the office every once in a while.
    • The dentist shoos Nigel away and breaks a picture near the windowsill in the process. The picture is of his niece, Darla. Nemo's going to be her birthday present.
    • This is not great news. The last fish that went home with Darla got shaken to death while he was still in the bag. Nemo can not go home with this girl.
    • Nemo starts to panic and accidentally gets stuck in the filter of the tank. The other fish start to help him out, but just then a scarred-up fish named Gill sticks his head out.
    • He talks Nemo through escaping the filter on his own. Nemo tries to tell Gill he has a bad fin, but Gill tells Nemo that's no excuse. He has one, too.
    • Nemo manages to wiggle free and Gill's pretty impressed. This kid is from the ocean, just like Gill. This is one fish with a plan.
  • Scene 9

    Scene 9

    • Back in the ocean, Marlin and Dory wake up inside the mask… and teetering at the edge of the submarine, which is about to fall off a cliff down deeper into the ocean.
    • The submarine starts to tip over and Marlin and Dory swim down to avoid getting crushed by it. In the process, the diving mask falls down into the deep dark ocean.
    • Marlin's pretty upset. That was his one chance for finding Nemo. But, Dory tells him that when she's bummed she has a motto—"Just keep swimming." Hey, we like that.
    • Okay, so when it's time to just keep swimming that's what you do. So, down Dory and Marlin head into the deep dark sea.
  • Scene 10

    Scene 10

    • The screen is totally black because the ocean is totally black. Your screen isn't malfunctioning.
    • Marlin and Dory talk for a minute and then Dory sees a light in the darkness. The two fish head towards it. The light's mesmerizing.
    • It's also attached to an anglerfish with big, sharp teeth. Marlin and Dory scream and run away. Well, that's just sensible.
    • The light of the anglerfish follows them through the dark ocean bottom and, as they pass by some rocks, Marlin sees the diving mask. Huzzah!
    • Marlin tells Dory to quickly read the mask while the anglerfish chases him around with the light.
    • Dory reads, "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney." Eureka!
    • And the anglerfish gets caught in the mask just as its about to eat Marlin. Close call.
    • Dory remembers the address—which is really saying something for her—and the two fish head back up to the sunlit part of the ocean to keep on finding Nemo.
  • Scene 11

    Scene 11

    • Back in the tank, one of the other fish, Jacques, wakes Nemo up at night for a little ceremony. Oh, spooky.
    • He takes Nemo to the volcano in the middle of the tank where the other fish are chanting and wearing leaves.
    • Bloat leads the other fish in an initiation ceremony. Nemo will become one of them if, and only if, he can swim through the Ring of Fire!
    • Turns out the Ring of Fire is just some bubbles coming out of the top of the volcano. Swimming through it isn't as dangerous as it sounds.
    • Gill tells Nemo that his new name is "Shark Bait." And now that's he one of the tank brothers, all the fish have to help keep him from going home with Darla.
    • In fact, Gill thinks they should all try to escape back into the ocean.
    • The other fish aren't so thrilled. Gill has a history of making these wacky escape plans. But, Gill thinks Nemo will make the difference.
    • He wants the little fish to swim up into the filter and clog it with a pebble. When the tank gets dirty enough, the dentist will have to take the fish out to clean it. He'll put them in individual bags and they can just roll out the window, across the street, and into Sydney Harbour. Easy peasy, right?
    • Nemo agrees. He's going to get back to the ocean one way or another.
  • Scene 12

    Scene 12

    • Back in the ocean, Marlin and Dory are swimming along looking for P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.
    • Marlin finally gets annoyed with Dory and asks her to leave. He has the info he needs and doesn't want to get delayed anymore.
    • Dory's pretty sad. A school of moonfish comes up when they see her crying. Is Marlin bothering her?
    • The school of fish makes shapes to entertain Dory while Marlin asks for directions. But, the school of fish thinks he's kind of jerk, so they form the shape of a clownfish and make fun of him.
    • Marlin's pretty annoyed. No one in the entire ocean is helping him find his son. Well, no one except Dory, that is.
    • Dory goes back over to the school of fish and gets directions to Sydney. They need to follow the East Australian Current.
    • Marlin swims off, but the school of fish reminds Dory that when she and Marlin come to a trench, they should swim through it, not over it. Dory'll remember.
    • But, Dory forgets within about ten seconds. She and Marlin come to the trench and Marlin announces they'll swim over it.
    • Dory isn't so sure. Something's telling her that's not the right way to go.
    • Marlin's not going listen to Dory though so he tricks her into swimming over the trench. Oh, Marlin. You're going to have to learn to trust other fish at some point.
  • Scene 13

    Scene 13

    • On top of the trench, Marlin sees the East Australian Current and Dory sees a jellyfish. She names him Squishy. Then he stings her. Bad Squishy.
    • Marlin bats Squishy away with his tail and tells Dory that he's more used to stings than she is. After all, he lives in a sea anemone that stings other fish who try to get in.
    • As Marlin explains how dangerous jellyfish are to Dory, a whole bunch of jellyfish lower in around them. Eek!
    • Marlin sees Dory bouncing on the tops of the jellyfish and realizes the tops won't sting them. So, he tells her about a game he just made up—bounce across the sea of jellyfish without touching the tentacles.
    • Dory races off and Marlin heads after her. Right before they come to the end, Marlin breezes past Dory and comes out of the jellyfish field unstung.
    • But, Dory's still trapped inside. Marlin heads back in and grabs her. The stings make them both faint and Marlin and Dory pass out and start floating down into the ocean.
    • Whoops.
  • Scene 14

    Scene 14

    • Okay, so we guess now's a good a time as any to check back in on Nemo and the Tank Gang.
    • Nemo's kind of sad that his dad probably isn't looking for him. After all, he's really scared of the ocean. Oh, Nemo. If only you knew.
    • Gill explains to Nemo that all drains lead to the ocean. Even toilets. (Shmoop side note: this is actually not true. It would be a very, very bad idea to try to release your fish back into the sea by flushing them down the potty.)
    • When the dentist takes a bathroom break, the fish jump into action. Nemo swims up into the filter and wedges a pebble into the fan at the end of the tube. Mission accomplished! High fins all around!
    • Not quite. When Nemo tries to swim up the tub and out of the filter, the pebble comes out of place and the fan starts to work again, sucking Nemo towards it.
    • Gill jumps into action and pushes a piece of tank greenery up the tube. Nemo clamps onto it with his teeth and the other fish pull him free.
    • The plan has failed…and Gill knows it. He can't make Nemo go back in there again. It's too dangerous. Their great fish escape has been foiled.
  • Scene 15

    Scene 15

    • In the ocean, Marlin comes to and notices he's on the back of a sea turtle. This sea turtle happened to see Marlin battle off those jellyfish, too. It was pretty awesome.
    • Marlin tells the turtle—whose name is Crush—that he needs to get to the East Australian Current. Turns out, they're on it.
    • Marlin floats along with a whole mess of sea turtles as they fast track it towards Sydney. Then he remembers Dory. Is she okay?
    • Of course, and she's playing hide and seek with some little kid turtles.
    • When one of the turtles accidentally swims outside the current, Marlin freaks out. But, Crush tells him they should just wait to see what this little guy, whose name is Squirt, does on his own.
    • Sure enough, the tiny turtle manages to find his way back into the current. And he gets a big congrats from his dad, Crush. Okay, so here's one ocean dad who's not totally overprotective.
    • Crush explains that raising turtle kids is awesome. You leave them on a beach to hatch and they find their way back to you.
    • That sounds kind of dangerous. How do you know when kids are ready to go out on their own, Marlin asks?
    • You don't, Crush tells him. You've just have to trust that they know when they're ready. That's some sage turtle advice right there.
    • The little turtles swarm around Marlin and want all kinds of details about his fight with the jellyfish and where he's going, so Marlin starts to explain the whole crazy story. It's a pretty good one.
  • Scene 16

    Scene 16

    • Marlin's story travels far and wide throughout the ocean from fish to fish.
    • Finally word reaches the pelicans in Sydney Harbour. Nigel overhears the story and recognizes the name from the dentist's fish tank.
    • In the fish tank, Nemo's pretty bummed. Looks like he's going to have to go with Darla after all. Nemo tells Gill that he's sorry he didn't clog up the tank filter.
    • Nope. Gill is the one who should apologize. He was willing to put Nemo in harm's way just to escape. That's not a very nice thing to do.
    • Nigel rushes towards the dentist's window to tell Nemo that his dad is on his way. Nemo doesn't believe it at first, but then Nigel tells him the whole story. Marlin's been braving the big, scary ocean to find his son. Awww.
    • This is just the motivation Nemo needs. He grabs a few pebbles in his mouth and swims back up into the filter. Before the other fish can even finish freaking out, Nemo is back out into the tank. Mission accomplished for real this time.
    • The tank has about forty-eight hours to get super dirty before Darla comes. Fins crossed that this plan works, everyone.
  • Scene 17

    Scene 17

    • Back in the ocean, Marlin and Dory have made it to Sydney while cruising on the East Australian Current. Now they just need to exit the current using the swirling vortex of terror. Simple, right?
    • Marlin and Dory swirl out of the current and wave to the super-chill turtles as they rush by. See you later, dudes.
    • Marlin and Dory swim towards Sydney into some hazy water, but they're determined to make it to Nemo…until they realize that they're basically just swimming in circles.
    • Dory suggests they ask for directions—hey, there's a large, dark, and mysterious fish over there. What could go wrong?
  • Scene 18

    Scene 18

    • Dory calls to the "little fella" in the distance and it starts to swim over to them. Um, not so little. And not a fish. This is one huge whale.
    • Maybe this guy only speaks whale. Luckily, Dory's got them covered—she also speaks whale.
    • Marlin's kind of doubtful about Dory's abilities. The whale seems to be, too, because it's just swimming away. Who knows what Dory was saying with her made-up whale language?
    • Just then, the whale comes up from behind Marlin and Dory and swallows them whole. Not the best turn of events. Could this be the end for Marlin and Dory?
  • Scene 19

    Scene 19

    • At the dentist's office, the tank is getting pretty dank so the dentist leaves tomorrow morning open to clean it out. Nice one, Tank Gang.
    • Nemo's thrilled. The plan is working. Gill congratulates the little clownfish, too. He wouldn't be surprised if Nemo's dad was waiting for him out in the harbor right now.
    • Gill might be a little surprised to find out that Marlin is actually in the belly of a whale.
  • Scene 20

    Scene 20

    • Back in the ocean, the humpback whale that swallowed Marlin and Dory is making his way through the deep blue sea.
    • And inside his mouth, Marlin is splashing around trying to escape by ramming into the whale's baleen bristles (they look like a cross between teeth and a really huge broom). Nothing is getting past those guys.
    • Dory is less worried than Marlin, as usual.
    • Marlin blames her for this whole predicament. They're here because she just had to ask for help. How's Marlin going to find his son now? He tells Dory that he promised Nemo he'd never let anything happen to him.
    • What a weird promise, Dory says. If you never let anything happen to your kid, then they'll never get to experience anything at all. Good point, Dory.
    • The whale stops and Dory tries to talk to him again. Then, the whale starts to swallow them. No worries though. The whale tells Dory that she and Marlin should move to the back of his throat.
    • Yeah right, Marlin tells her. He's not about to become dinner.
    • As the whale pushes them further back, Marlin and Dory grab onto his tongue. Dory tries to talk to the whale, but Marlin stops her. He tells Dory the same thing he told Nemo back at the Drop Off—"You think you can do these things, but you can't!"
    • The whale speaks again and Dory lets loose of her hold on his tongue. Marlin grabs her. Dory tells Marlin that the whale says, "It's time to let go. Everything is gonna be all right."
    • How could Dory possibly know this though? How does she know something bad's not going to happen?
    • Dory answers with the truth—she doesn't.
    • Marlin considers this for a second and then finally lets go.
    • The two fish fall to the back of the whale's throat where he blows them out his blowhole… and right into Sydney Harbour.
    • Thanks, Mr. Whale.
  • Scene 21

    Scene 21

    • The next morning, the Tank Gang wakes up to find that their über dirty tank is…totally clean. Wait, what?
    • The culprit is an Aqua Scum 2003 unit, which the dentist must have installed the night before and has managed to clean out the entire tank overnight.
    • The escape plan is ruined. And Darla's on her way. That's okay. These fish will think of something.
    • But, before anyone can even start work on a new plan, the dentist comes in and grabs Nemo with a plastic bag.
    • The dentist sets him on the counter by the window and the other fish tell him to roll towards the window and out. Unfortunately, the dentist grabs Nemo right before he can slip outside and puts his bag in a tray.
    • The tank fish try to come up with another plan when—dum, dum, dummm —Darla walks into the dentist's office.
  • Scene 22

    Scene 22

    • Out in the harbor, Marlin and Dory are looking for the dentist's boat when a pelican swoops by and scoops them both up for breakfast. Gulp.
    • But as the two fish fall screaming down the bird's throat, Marlin refuses to die. He hasn't come this far just to wind up on the seafood menu. So they grab onto the inside of the pelican's throat.
    • The other pelicans, including Nigel, notice that their fellow pelican brother is having a tough time with his meal. So, Nigel goes over and gives him a bit of a Heimlich Maneuver.
    • Marlin and Dory pop out onto the dock and Marlin screams that he has to find his son, Nemo.
    • Hey, Nigel recognizes that name. But, before Nigel can offer to help them, Marlin and Dory flop away towards the water.
    • Nigel rushes after the two fish, who are frantically trying to escape when they all wind up face to face with a seagull. In fact, it's a whole flock of really, really dumb seagulls.
    • Nigel explains that Marlin and Dory just needs to hop into his mouth and he can take them to Nemo. Marlin is a little doubtful, until Nigel describes Nemo's damaged fin.
    • The seagulls lunge at Marlin and Dory as Nigel races to scoop them up. He flies away with the seagulls chasing him.
    • These obviously aren't the cleverest birds in the world because Nigel manages to lose them by flying through a boat sail. See ya later, seagulls.
  • Scene 23

    Scene 23

    • At the dentist's office, Darla is in full brat mode tapping on the side of the fish tank. She's pretty psyched about her fish present though.
    • But when the dentist goes to check on Nemo, he sees that the little orange clownfish is dead. Oh, dear.
    • Luckily, it's all a ruse. Nemo opens his eye to wink at the tank fish. Gill knows what he's up to. Nemo's trying to get flushed down the toilet. Nice plan, kid.
    • Except the dentist takes Nemo over to the trash can. Oh, this is bad.
    • Just then, Nigel rushes in the open window carrying Marlin and Dory in his beak.
    • The other fish point to Nemo, who's about to get dropped right in the trash can. Marlin pulls on Nigel's tongue to get him to fly inside the dentist's office.
    • Nigel flops all around as the dentist tries to shoo the bird out his harbor window.
    • The dentist sets Nemo's bag down on his little exam table and Marlin gets a good look at his son—who appears to be belly up. Poor Marlin.
    • And Nemo sees his dad right before Nigel gets pushed out the window.
    • Then, of course, Darla sees Nemo. She starts shaking the little fishy with all her might.
    • The Tank Gang springs into action. Gill positions himself on the top of the little volcano and the other fish activate the bubbles to send him flying through the air and right onto Darla's nasty little head.
    • Darla drops Nemo's bag on the tray of dental tools and breaks it apart in the process. Gill ends up landing on the same tray and flops onto a tool, launching Nemo down the spit drain next to the exam chair. Hey, all drains lead to the ocean, right?
    • Well, all drains do lead to the Sydney water treatment system. This is not looking good for Nemo.
  • Scene 24

    Scene 24

    • Nigel drops a defeated Marlin and Dory by a buoy in the harbor and flies off.
    • Marlin thanks Dory for her help and then starts to swim off. Their adventure's over. Nemo's going, so Marlin's headed back home.
    • Dory doesn't think that's a very good idea. No one's ever hung around her this long before. She remembers things around Marlin. They're friends. When she looks at Marlin she feels like she's at home. Dory doesn't want to forget anymore.
    • Sadly, Marlin, who's just lost his son, does want to forget. So, he swims away.
    • This little fish movie is totally tugging on our heartstrings.
  • Scene 25

    Scene 25

    • Outside one of the Sydney water treatment pipelines, a couple crabs are looking for little tidbits of food to escape from the holes in the pipe.
    • Marlin swims past the pipe a moment before Nemo pops up.
    • He starts to yell for his dad when he spots a confused Dory circling the buoy. She's crying because she thinks she might have lost someone. She can't really remember. Poor forgetful Dory.
    • Nemo tells her it's okay—he's looking for someone, too. They can look together. His name is Marlin.
    • Huh, Dory says, that's a nice name.
    • Dory and Nemo start swimming around yelling for Nemo's dad. That is, until Dory reads the city name—Sydney—on the water treatment pipes. Then, she remembers it all.
    • Dory gets directions from one of the crabs. Apparently, Marlin went towards the fishing grounds where a big fishing boat is looming. Oh, that sounds ominous.
  • Scene 26

    Scene 26

    • Marlin's struggling home through a school of tuna when he hears Nemo's voice shouting for him. And Dory, too.
    • Father and son are reunited as a huge fishing net swoops through the water towards them.
    • But Dory's caught in the net with the other tuna.
    • Nemo swims into the net to help her. Marlin tries to stop his son, but Nemo tells him that he's gotta tell all the fish to swim down. Marlin doesn't want to let his son try this risky move, but Nemo tells him there's no time. It's the only way to save Dory. Plus, he can totally do this.
    • Marlin realizes his son is right and lets him go. He swims around the net telling all the fish to swim down together.
    • Slowly, the fish succeed in pulling the net closer and closer to the bottom of the ocean. Everyone chants Dory's motto—"Just keep swimming"—as they do it.
    • Finally, the net snaps loose and all the fish are free. But, where's Nemo?
    • Dory spots the little fish lying under the net. Thank goodness he's okay.
    • Marlin and his son have their long-awaited reunion. And Marlin has some info for his son—he met a sea turtle that was a hundred and fifty years old. Nemo is impressed.
  • Scene 27

    Scene 27

    • Back at the Great Barrier Reef, Marlin's actually excited for Nemo to go to school this time. See, a little adventure never hurt anyone. (Except for all those times when it almost did…)
    • Marlin's a hit with the other fish dads (he can finally tell a joke). And they're pretty impressed with all the awesome stuff he went through to bring back his son.
    • Nemo even has a new friend. Squirt, the little turtle from the East Australian Current, is in town as an exchange student studying with Mr. Ray.
    • Dory's also found a new home. And even kept up with her shark friends from before. She knows that fish are friends, not food.
    • Marlin waves to his son as he heads off to school, but Nemo rushes back to tell his father he loves him. And give him an adorable fish hug.
    • Marlin swims there watching his precious little boy head out into the deep blue sea. He tells Nemo to have an adventure and then says good-bye.
  • Scene 28

    Scene 28

    • Okay, so the screen might have just said, "The End," but here we are back in the dentist's office.
    • Apparently the Aqua Scum 2003 is broken and the dentist has had to clean the tank by hand anyway. He had to take the fish out and put them in bags. Hey, where'd those fish go?
    • Outside, the fish have all managed to roll their bags across the street and into the harbor.
    • Of course, they're still in those bags. Now what?