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Finding Nemo Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • Two clownfish—Marlin and his wife Coral—are checking out their new sea anemone home in the Great Barrier Reef of the coast of Australia.
  • Marlin's pretty proud of himself. He delivered big time with this major ocean view. Great home. Great neighborhood. Awesome schools for all Coral and Marlin's fish kids.
  • Marlin and Coral swim down in a little crevice below the anemone to visit their little red fish eggs. In a few days they'll be hatched and these two crazy lovebirds (lovefish?) will be parents.
  • Coral and Marlin are joking around when they pop out of the anemone to see a mean barracuda staring them right in their fish faces.
  • Coral eyes the fish eggs located beneath them, while Marlin tries to talk her into retreating into the safety of the anemone. But, mama fish Coral dives down to save her eggs and the barracuda flies after her. Marlin swims at the huge fish, but gets slammed back down and lands unconscious in the sea anemone.
  • When Marlin comes to, Coral and their 400 eggs are gone. Oh, no. Get your tissues. This is almost worse than the time Bambi's mom died.
  • But, one little egg is left. Marlin names his future son, Nemo, and promises that he'll never let anything happen to him. Protective fish dad is in full effect.

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