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Finding Nemo Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Back in the tank, one of the other fish, Jacques, wakes Nemo up at night for a little ceremony. Oh, spooky.
  • He takes Nemo to the volcano in the middle of the tank where the other fish are chanting and wearing leaves.
  • Bloat leads the other fish in an initiation ceremony. Nemo will become one of them if, and only if, he can swim through the Ring of Fire!
  • Turns out the Ring of Fire is just some bubbles coming out of the top of the volcano. Swimming through it isn't as dangerous as it sounds.
  • Gill tells Nemo that his new name is "Shark Bait." And now that's he one of the tank brothers, all the fish have to help keep him from going home with Darla.
  • In fact, Gill thinks they should all try to escape back into the ocean.
  • The other fish aren't so thrilled. Gill has a history of making these wacky escape plans. But, Gill thinks Nemo will make the difference.
  • He wants the little fish to swim up into the filter and clog it with a pebble. When the tank gets dirty enough, the dentist will have to take the fish out to clean it. He'll put them in individual bags and they can just roll out the window, across the street, and into Sydney Harbour. Easy peasy, right?
  • Nemo agrees. He's going to get back to the ocean one way or another.

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