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Finding Nemo Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Six years later, little Nemo wakes up his dad on the first day of school.
  • Marlin's a tad panicked. Maybe Nemo wants to hold off on going to school for a few more years? Why rush into things?
  • Overprotective dad knows there are all kinds of things to be worried about. The ocean isn't safe. You've got be careful when you leave the house…and swim across the street…and play with other fish. The danger never ends.
  • On the way to school, Nemo wonders if Marlin's ever met a shark or knows how old sea turtles are? But, this risk-averse papa has barely ventured out of his anemone since Coral died.
  • At the school drop-off Marlin runs into three other fish dads and their kids. He's a little worried, but is doing okay. Nemo manages to make some nice fish friends, too. This school thing is just going swimmingly.
  • Then the kids' teacher, Mr. Ray, shows up and Nemo swims up on his back to get ready for a field trip.
  • Marlin's still is a little leery. Nemo does have one fin that's smaller than the other. He's not that great of a swimmer. Maybe Mr. Ray could watch out for him?
  • Um, Dad, now would be an awesome time to leave, Nemo tells his father.
  • Okay, so Nemo and the other kids head off on their field trip. Marlin's doing pretty well. The other fish dads are even impressed. Heck, you'd think he'd be worried that Mr. Ray was taking the kids to the Drop Off today.
  • The Drop Off? What? That's super dangerous! Marlin swims after Nemo to make sure that he'll be safe after all. Hey, you can never be too careful in the great big wide ocean.

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