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Finding Nemo Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Back in the ocean, the humpback whale that swallowed Marlin and Dory is making his way through the deep blue sea.
  • And inside his mouth, Marlin is splashing around trying to escape by ramming into the whale's baleen bristles (they look like a cross between teeth and a really huge broom). Nothing is getting past those guys.
  • Dory is less worried than Marlin, as usual.
  • Marlin blames her for this whole predicament. They're here because she just had to ask for help. How's Marlin going to find his son now? He tells Dory that he promised Nemo he'd never let anything happen to him.
  • What a weird promise, Dory says. If you never let anything happen to your kid, then they'll never get to experience anything at all. Good point, Dory.
  • The whale stops and Dory tries to talk to him again. Then, the whale starts to swallow them. No worries though. The whale tells Dory that she and Marlin should move to the back of his throat.
  • Yeah right, Marlin tells her. He's not about to become dinner.
  • As the whale pushes them further back, Marlin and Dory grab onto his tongue. Dory tries to talk to the whale, but Marlin stops her. He tells Dory the same thing he told Nemo back at the Drop Off—"You think you can do these things, but you can't!"
  • The whale speaks again and Dory lets loose of her hold on his tongue. Marlin grabs her. Dory tells Marlin that the whale says, "It's time to let go. Everything is gonna be all right."
  • How could Dory possibly know this though? How does she know something bad's not going to happen?
  • Dory answers with the truth—she doesn't.
  • Marlin considers this for a second and then finally lets go.
  • The two fish fall to the back of the whale's throat where he blows them out his blowhole… and right into Sydney Harbour.
  • Thanks, Mr. Whale.

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