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Finding Nemo Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • The next morning, the Tank Gang wakes up to find that their über dirty tank is…totally clean. Wait, what?
  • The culprit is an Aqua Scum 2003 unit, which the dentist must have installed the night before and has managed to clean out the entire tank overnight.
  • The escape plan is ruined. And Darla's on her way. That's okay. These fish will think of something.
  • But, before anyone can even start work on a new plan, the dentist comes in and grabs Nemo with a plastic bag.
  • The dentist sets him on the counter by the window and the other fish tell him to roll towards the window and out. Unfortunately, the dentist grabs Nemo right before he can slip outside and puts his bag in a tray.
  • The tank fish try to come up with another plan when—dum, dum, dummm —Darla walks into the dentist's office.

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