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Finding Nemo Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • Out in the harbor, Marlin and Dory are looking for the dentist's boat when a pelican swoops by and scoops them both up for breakfast. Gulp.
  • But as the two fish fall screaming down the bird's throat, Marlin refuses to die. He hasn't come this far just to wind up on the seafood menu. So they grab onto the inside of the pelican's throat.
  • The other pelicans, including Nigel, notice that their fellow pelican brother is having a tough time with his meal. So, Nigel goes over and gives him a bit of a Heimlich Maneuver.
  • Marlin and Dory pop out onto the dock and Marlin screams that he has to find his son, Nemo.
  • Hey, Nigel recognizes that name. But, before Nigel can offer to help them, Marlin and Dory flop away towards the water.
  • Nigel rushes after the two fish, who are frantically trying to escape when they all wind up face to face with a seagull. In fact, it's a whole flock of really, really dumb seagulls.
  • Nigel explains that Marlin and Dory just needs to hop into his mouth and he can take them to Nemo. Marlin is a little doubtful, until Nigel describes Nemo's damaged fin.
  • The seagulls lunge at Marlin and Dory as Nigel races to scoop them up. He flies away with the seagulls chasing him.
  • These obviously aren't the cleverest birds in the world because Nigel manages to lose them by flying through a boat sail. See ya later, seagulls.

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