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Finding Nemo Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • At the dentist's office, Darla is in full brat mode tapping on the side of the fish tank. She's pretty psyched about her fish present though.
  • But when the dentist goes to check on Nemo, he sees that the little orange clownfish is dead. Oh, dear.
  • Luckily, it's all a ruse. Nemo opens his eye to wink at the tank fish. Gill knows what he's up to. Nemo's trying to get flushed down the toilet. Nice plan, kid.
  • Except the dentist takes Nemo over to the trash can. Oh, this is bad.
  • Just then, Nigel rushes in the open window carrying Marlin and Dory in his beak.
  • The other fish point to Nemo, who's about to get dropped right in the trash can. Marlin pulls on Nigel's tongue to get him to fly inside the dentist's office.
  • Nigel flops all around as the dentist tries to shoo the bird out his harbor window.
  • The dentist sets Nemo's bag down on his little exam table and Marlin gets a good look at his son—who appears to be belly up. Poor Marlin.
  • And Nemo sees his dad right before Nigel gets pushed out the window.
  • Then, of course, Darla sees Nemo. She starts shaking the little fishy with all her might.
  • The Tank Gang springs into action. Gill positions himself on the top of the little volcano and the other fish activate the bubbles to send him flying through the air and right onto Darla's nasty little head.
  • Darla drops Nemo's bag on the tray of dental tools and breaks it apart in the process. Gill ends up landing on the same tray and flops onto a tool, launching Nemo down the spit drain next to the exam chair. Hey, all drains lead to the ocean, right?
  • Well, all drains do lead to the Sydney water treatment system. This is not looking good for Nemo.

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