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Finding Nemo Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • Marlin's struggling home through a school of tuna when he hears Nemo's voice shouting for him. And Dory, too.
  • Father and son are reunited as a huge fishing net swoops through the water towards them.
  • But Dory's caught in the net with the other tuna.
  • Nemo swims into the net to help her. Marlin tries to stop his son, but Nemo tells him that he's gotta tell all the fish to swim down. Marlin doesn't want to let his son try this risky move, but Nemo tells him there's no time. It's the only way to save Dory. Plus, he can totally do this.
  • Marlin realizes his son is right and lets him go. He swims around the net telling all the fish to swim down together.
  • Slowly, the fish succeed in pulling the net closer and closer to the bottom of the ocean. Everyone chants Dory's motto—"Just keep swimming"—as they do it.
  • Finally, the net snaps loose and all the fish are free. But, where's Nemo?
  • Dory spots the little fish lying under the net. Thank goodness he's okay.
  • Marlin and his son have their long-awaited reunion. And Marlin has some info for his son—he met a sea turtle that was a hundred and fifty years old. Nemo is impressed.

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