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Finding Nemo Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • Back at the Great Barrier Reef, Marlin's actually excited for Nemo to go to school this time. See, a little adventure never hurt anyone. (Except for all those times when it almost did…)
  • Marlin's a hit with the other fish dads (he can finally tell a joke). And they're pretty impressed with all the awesome stuff he went through to bring back his son.
  • Nemo even has a new friend. Squirt, the little turtle from the East Australian Current, is in town as an exchange student studying with Mr. Ray.
  • Dory's also found a new home. And even kept up with her shark friends from before. She knows that fish are friends, not food.
  • Marlin waves to his son as he heads off to school, but Nemo rushes back to tell his father he loves him. And give him an adorable fish hug.
  • Marlin swims there watching his precious little boy head out into the deep blue sea. He tells Nemo to have an adventure and then says good-bye.

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