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Finding Nemo Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Nemo follows the other three fish in the school to the Drop Off, which is basically just the edge of the reef where it goes into open ocean.
  • In the distance, the four little fish see a boat, which one of them insists is called a "butt." So, naturally, they try to swim out and touch the butt.
  • Nemo doesn't really want to go out, but before he can even decide for sure, Marlin swims up and "rescues" him.
  • Nemo is pretty ticked. He can swim fine. And he's not scared of the ocean. Marlin is the worst dad ever. "I hate you," Nemo tells his dad. Harsh, kid, harsh.
  • Mr. Ray comes over to help, but while Marlin talks, Nemo decides to head out towards the boat. Oh, no.

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