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Finding Nemo Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • The shark, whose name is Bruce, greets Marlin and Dory. Marlin's pretty freaked out, but Dory seems to think the shark is cool. Mostly because she can't remember whether or not she should be afraid of sharks.
  • Bruce invites them to a little party back at his place. Marlin isn't so keen on the idea, but when a great white shark invites you to go somewhere, you go.
  • The three fish swim through an underwater mine field, which Dory thinks might be party balloons. Not quite. You don't want to touch one of those bad boys.
  • They arrive at an old sunken submarine where there are two other sharks waiting. They tell Bruce they're starving and Marlin's sure this is the end. Gulp.
  • But, then Marlin realizes they've stumbled onto a 12-step meeting for sharks who don't want to eat fish. Their motto is "Fish are friends, not food." These are probably the best sharks to run into in the open water.
  • Today, the sharks have brought their fish friends to the meeting. Of course, one of the sharks hasn't managed to totally abstain. Oh, well. Better luck next time, friend.
  • When it's Marlin's turn to testify at the meeting, he notices a scuba diving mask caught on the submarine. This is just like the one the divers were wearing and it's obvious that it fell off the back of the boat.
  • Marlin notices something is written on the mask's headstrap. Now he just needs to find a fish that can read. Dory wants to ask the sharks, but Marlin doesn't. They wrestle over the mask until it snaps back and hits Dory right between her eyes. Ouch!
  • This is not so great, since Dory starts to bleed. And you know how sharks feel about blood.
  • Bruce rushes after Marlin and Dory who swim away with the mask. When they get trapped in a room, Dory notices a sign that says, "Escape." Wait, Dory can read?
  • Marlin tells Dory to read the writing on the mask as they keep frantically swimming away from Bruce. This shark has totally fallen off the wagon.
  • Finally, Marlin and Dory get trapped in one of the sub's missile chambers and Dory releases the missile into Bruce's mouth. The two fish are able to escape with the mask as Bruce tosses the missile to the sideā€¦ right into the minefield.
  • Ka-boom.

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