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Finding Nemo Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • But what's Nemo been doing this whole time?
  • The little fish wakes up to find that he's been plopped into a large fish tank in a dentist's office. The dentist tells his patient that he found Nemo struggling out in the reef and saved him. Yeah, right.
  • One by one, Nemo runs into the other fish in the tank. These guys are all from fish stores, but Nemo explains that he's from the ocean. Oh, exotic.
  • It's obvious that the fish in the tank have a lot of hobbies—such as watching the dentist do his work.
  • They're also friends with a pelican named Nigel who pokes his head into the office every once in a while.
  • The dentist shoos Nigel away and breaks a picture near the windowsill in the process. The picture is of his niece, Darla. Nemo's going to be her birthday present.
  • This is not great news. The last fish that went home with Darla got shaken to death while he was still in the bag. Nemo can not go home with this girl.
  • Nemo starts to panic and accidentally gets stuck in the filter of the tank. The other fish start to help him out, but just then a scarred-up fish named Gill sticks his head out.
  • He talks Nemo through escaping the filter on his own. Nemo tries to tell Gill he has a bad fin, but Gill tells Nemo that's no excuse. He has one, too.
  • Nemo manages to wiggle free and Gill's pretty impressed. This kid is from the ocean, just like Gill. This is one fish with a plan.

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