Family's a gift…one you've probably wished that you could return more than a few times.

Marlin starts out by trying to protect his son from all the dangers in the big bad ocean, and Nemo responds with some classic child defiance. Of course, we think he's a rebel with a cause.

Through Marlin and Nemo's adventures, both these fish eventually learn what parents and kids really need from each other. They also get to make up their own improvised families along the way, too. Hey, when people (or fish) care about each other, it's a big deal. Maybe we won't go looking for that family gift receipt after all.

Questions About Family

  1. Does Dory get something out of her family-like relationship with Marlin? Why would she offer to help a total stranger cross the ocean without a second thought?
  2. How would Nemo's time in the dentist's fish tank have been different if the other guys from the Tank Gang didn't accept him into their makeshift family so easily? Why does he need their support to escape?

Chew on This

Family doesn't just include your relatives. It's anyone who loves and cares about you.

Gill is initially motivated to help Nemo for selfish reasons, but he gradually backs off his escape plan when he realizes that he's put a member of his adopted tank family in danger.

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