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Finding Nemo Perseverance

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I Won't Back Down. We Shall Overcome. I Will Survive.

There's something about perseverance that just makes us want to sing. That's why the determined fish in Finding Nemo really get us rooting for them.

You've got Dory and Gill…who just aren't going to let any setbacks get in the way of their plans. Then there's Marlin: a fish that's hopelessly devoted to finding his son.

In the end, everyone comes out on the other side of the ocean a little bit more tenacious and a whole lot stronger. Cue the Beyoncé.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. Which characters do you think exhibit the most grit and determination? Which characters learn it as they go?
  2. Why do you think the Tank Gang goes along with Gill's plans? They've never been to the ocean, so are they just trying to support their friend?
  3. Is there an instance in this movie where determination is not a good thing?

Chew on This

Dory's motto—"just keep swimming"—fits her perfectly. Since she has trouble remembering what she's doing at any given moment, the safest thing for her to do in any situation is to just keep moving right along.

Marlin's so determined to keep Nemo safe that he doesn't see the contradiction in his promise to not let anything happen to him. It's takes empty-headed Dory to point it out (proving that she's pretty smart after all).

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