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Forrest Gump Genre

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Epic Romantic Comedy Drama

No, we didn't accidentally copy and paste a few extra words into that genre title. One of the reasons Forrest Gump is such an enduring classic is because it borrows from multiple genres.

Sure, you could say that at its heart, the movie is a romance about Forrest trying to be with his OTP, Jenny. But, along the way, Forrest unintentionally puts himself in the middle of an epic adventure in which he becomes super rich and famous and fights in the Vietnam War.

On top of all of that, the movie is a comedy because it has plenty of humor and because things in general tend to work out well for Forrest. But, then again: Forrest loses the two people he loves most when his mother and Jenny die.

Put it all together, and you've got quite the meat lover's pizza of genres.

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