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Forrest Gump Production Design

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Production Design

Camera Trickery

Forrest Gump might look like your typical sentimental drama from the mid-'90s. And, in a way, it is. But, you might not have noticed that this movie was using some pretty sophisticated special effects for its time. Long before Kim Kardashian was Photoshopping her Instagram pictures, this movie used computer techniques to Photoshop Forrest into major historical footage. Look, for example, at the scene where Forrest meets President John F. Kennedy, a man who died when actor Tom Hanks was only 7 years old.

You'll find another great use of this in the way the movie Photoshops Lt. Dan's (or actor Gary Sinise's) legs out of the film after Lt. Dan has his legs blown off.

You've also got to love the work they do to make Hanks look like the greatest ping-pong player who ever lived.

Despite all of this trickery, the movie never feels like it's using a lot of effects. Are you listening, Jurassic World?

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