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Forrest Gump Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • One day, a messenger comes up to Forrest to inform him that he's been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He wants to share the good news with Lt. Dan, but the Army has sent him home.
  • Two weeks later, Forrest leaves Vietnam and meets President Lyndon B. Johnson. He misinterprets one of Johnson's comments and drops his pants to show him the wound in his butt.
  • While touring Washington, D.C., one day, Forrest gets sucked into a group of war protesters and finds himself on stage talking about the war in Vietnam. Just as he's about to talk, an Army guy tears all of the wires out of the protest's PA system.
  • They only get the thing up and running again as Forrest finishes his speech, which is probably a good thing seeing as Forrest doesn't realize he's at a protest.
  • Just then, Jenny run out of the crowd and into the big pool at the Washington Monument. Forrest runs out to her and hugs her in the pool.
  • Next up, Forrest finds himself at a meeting of the Black Panthers, a pro-black defense group that gained a lot of influence in the 1960s and '70s.
  • Forrest sees Jenny's boyfriend, Wesley, hit her in the next room, and of course, he runs over and punches the guy in the face a bunch of times.
  • After he beats up Wesley, Forrest and Jenny leave. Jenny makes excuses for Wesley and says he doesn't mean it when he hits her.
  • Forrest tells Jenny he'd like to be her boyfriend instead of Wesley. Boy, is this guy persistent. She dodges his statement and comments on his Army uniform.
  • We learn that for the past few years, Jenny has been doing drugs and living on the streets with her hippie friends, and now, she's going to travel to San Francisco with some friends.
  • Forrest gives her his Medal of Honor to remember him by, and once again, Jenny walks out of Forrest's life.

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