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Forrest Gump Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Forrest thinks the government will send him back to Vietnam, but instead, they keep him home to play ping pong professionally and to put on shows to inspire the troops. He even travels to China to play their best players. By the time he gets back home, he's a sports star.
  • Forrest appears on a talk show where John Lennon is another guest, and he manages to inspire Lennon to write "Imagine."
  • After the interview, Forrest is accosted by Lt. Dan, who is now a long-haired dude living in really poor conditions. Lt. Dan is furious that the government gave Forrest the Medal of Honor.
  • Apparently, the Army keeps sending priests to ask Lt. Dan if he's found Jesus yet. He doesn't believe in heaven, although Forrest thinks he'll get in anyway.
  • Lt. Dan then asks Forrest to go find some more liquor for him because it's New Year's Eve.
  • While they hang, Forrest says he's going to find some money to buy a shrimping boat because he made a promise to Bubba.
  • Lt. Dan sneeringly says that he'll happily be the first mate if Forrest Gump ever becomes a shrimp boat captain.
  • Two women come up to Lt. Dan and Forrest, and Forrest wonders how Jenny is spending her New Year's Eve out in California.
  • Look here, it's Jenny! She's living in a dingy place and heading out on New Year's Eve.
  • Now, we're back with Forrest and Lt. Dan, and Lt. Dan is staring off into space.
  • One of the women jumps on Forrest and tries to kiss him. Forrest knocks her off, and the women ask if he's stupid. Lt. Dan loses his mind and tells them to get out, falling out of his wheelchair in the process.
  • Forrest apologizes for ruining Lt. Dan's NYE party, and Lt. Dan wishes him a happy new year.

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