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Forrest Gump Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • After his mom dies, Forrest takes a job mowing Greenbow's municipal lawns. In the meantime, Lt. Dan runs the shrimping business and keeps sending Forrest his cut of the money. He also gets Forrest invested in Apple just as the company is starting out, which (aside from Starbucks and Google) is probably the number-one stock you should definitely invest in if you ever happen to time travel back to the 1980s.
  • So, yeah, they make a LOT of money.
  • But, Forrest has learned from his momma that a person only needs so much money on which to live, so he gives a bunch of his money to the church and hospital in Bubba's community and to Bubba's poor family, which basically makes them millionaires overnight.
  • Now, Forrest cuts the Greenbow grass for free. But, at nighttime, he always thinks of Jenny and wonders where she is.
  • One day, Forrest is cutting the grass on his own lawn when Jenny shows up and walks toward his house. Forrest runs to greet her, and she hugs him tightly.
  • Jenny stays with Forrest for a while, but she spends almost all of her time sleeping. It seems to Forrest as if she hasn't slept in years, and honestly, that sounds about right based on what we've seen of her life.
  • Forrest and Jenny go for a walk when Jenny is feeling better, and they stroll past Jenny's old house, which is crumbling into the ground. Jenny stares at it for a while before throwing rocks at it and collapsing in tears.
  • After that, she and Forrest live happily together for a while. He brings her flowers every day, and she gives him a pair of sneakers to keep his feet comfortable. She even shows him how to dance. Forrest thinks of it as the happiest time in his life.
  • Finally, Forrest asks Jenny if she'll marry him. No, she says, she doesn't want to marry him.
  • Forrest tells her that he might not be a smart man, but he knows what love is and he wants to know why Jenny doesn't love him.
  • Late one night, Jenny sneaks into Forrest's bed and tells him she loves him. They have sex, and then Jenny sneaks out and into a taxi. But before she goes, she leaves behind Forrest's Medal of Honor.
  • All Forrest can do afterward is listen to the silence of his big house.

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