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Forrest Gump Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Still in flashback—one day, some bullies get their jollies by throwing rocks at Forrest. He runs when Jenny tells him to, but his braces slow him down.
  • As the kids close in on their bikes, Forrest picks up the pace. Eventually, he's running so fast that his braces break off his legs, and he takes off faster than the kids can ride their bikes.
  • From that day forward, Forrest would always run wherever he had to go.
  • Now, we see Forrest running up to Jenny's house. Apparently, Jenny's mother is dead, and her father is always grabbing and touching her.
  • Forrest doesn't know the difference between good and bad touching, so he just thinks Jenny's dad is really loving.
  • One day, Jenny isn't on the bus for school. When Forrest goes to see her, she grabs his hands and pulls him into a cornfield while her father chases after them. She asks Forrest to pray for her to turn into a bird so she can fly away.
  • Now, God didn't necessarily turn her into a bird, but according to Forrest, he did send the police to take her away from her father.
  • Jenny and Forrest stay friends all through school. Sometimes, Jenny even sneaks into Forrest's house and sleep in his bed with him. Ouch, talk about being friend-zoned.
  • One day, some bullies try to chase Forrest down again—but this time, they have a pickup truck.
  • Forrest turns onto a football field and zooms past the other players on the field—so fast that the coach recruits him for the team, and Forrest ends up getting into college on a football scholarship.
  • It's not clear if Forrest is 100 percent up on the rules of the game, but he sure is fast. In one game, Forrest runs for a touchdown and keeps running right on through a marching band.

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