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Forrest Gump Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • A second woman joins Forrest and the first woman on the bus-stop bench. The first woman gets on a bus, leaving the second with Forrest. She's immediately down to chat, saying she can remember when Governor Wallace was shot.
  • Forrest tells the woman that Jenny went to an all-girls college, and he would visit her any chance he got. This didn't always end well.
  • Like, one night, a young Forrest sees Jenny in (apparent) distress in a car with a guy. He throws open the car door and starts beating on the guy in the driver's seat. The guy angrily drives away after Jenny gets out of the car.
  • Add sex to the list of things that Forrest doesn't quite seem to get.
  • Jenny is super mad, but she sneaks Forrest into her dorm anyway to dry him off. She asks him if he ever dreams about who he's going to be. Forrest doesn't understand how he can be anything other than what he is, making him akin to a much less angst-filled Hannah Horvath.
  • Jenny says that she'd like to be a famous singer someday and truly speak to people through her music.
  • They both strip to their underwear, and Jenny asks him if he's ever been with a girl. (Spoiler: no.) She takes off her bra and puts Forrest's hand on her naked breast.
  • Forrest—how shall we say this?—immediately ejaculates and assumes he's done something horribly wrong, but Jenny reassures him that it's OK.
  • It happens to lots of guys, really.

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