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Forrest Gump Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Forrest eventually makes the All-America football team and gets to meet John F. Kennedy. How super exciting!
  • But all Forrest remembers about it is that he drinks around 15 free Dr Peppers and has to pee the whole time he's shaking JFK's hand.
  • Forrest also reminisces about how JFK and his brother Bobby were both shot dead.
  • After five years of playing football, Forrest gets a college degree. His mother couldn't be prouder of him.
  • After the ceremony, a recruiter comes up and asks Forrest to join the Army. That's exactly what Forrest does.
  • When he climbs on the bus taking him to basic training, it's like the first day of school all over again, with no one wanting to sit with him.
  • Finally, a black man named Bubba offers him a seat and asks if he's ever been on a real shrimping boat. Turns out, Bubba has a way of telling people about himself, just like Forrest.
  • Bubba comes from a long line of mothers who have cooked shrimp for white masters.
  • The Army turns out to be a great fit for Forrest because he has an easy time following orders and he's exceptionally good at putting together his weapon.
  • He and Bubba become BFFs, even though (because?) their conversation mostly consists of Bubba listing every single way of cooking shrimp. The man has a serious thing for shrimp is what we're saying.

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